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One of the most needed and most important bonds of our lives is our connection to nature. In order to strengthen this important bond every day, we design spacious and free projects that will breathe for people who are drowning in the concrete structures of city life.

Family Culture

In today's business world, in an environment that is becoming more robotic, we see that brands make great efforts with orientations and camps to create brand loyalty. It is very valuable that the Rast group carries this family culture in its natural ecosystem with its business culture from the past to the present.

Iconic Cities

Proper urbanization is vital to the future of our cities. For cities that breathe, cities that have identity and texture; We build high-quality living spaces designed for both today and the future.

Human centered

In Magna Epic and Bilkent Nazende Projects, which we brought the balance and harmony in architecture to the interior; It has an innovative perspective that offers different options to different lives.

With the concept of home within the house, you can create a new 1+1 flat with a separate entrance in your home by closing a single door. It is a special area where our guests, who are indispensable to our culture, and our valuable elders living with us, can relax.

Projects with ever
increasing value

Do you want to experience comfort in your home and spend time with pleasure in carefully designed kitchens? In 4,5 + 1 apartment types, you can happily enjoy the meal and conversation with the whole family together.

* Avend Beytepe Project Datas


By National and International Authorities

Our projects have been awarded various awards.

Biophilic Design

Human is a part of nature

Natural materials, natural ventilation, natural lighting are building design principles that include incorporating nature-inspired shapes and forms into the modern built environment.

It is based on the view that these elements increase individual and social livability with the characteristics of being healthy

Meaningful and Useful Design

You will feel valuable in our projects

Magna Epic

Beytepe / ANKARA

Housing Project, Year 2021, 32 Flats 9 Villa

ACE Mimarlık

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Ferce Tulumtaş

Tulumtaş / ANKARA

Housing Project, Year 2020, 383 Flats

ACE Mimarlık

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AVEND Çayyolu

Alacaatlı / ANKARA

Housing Project, Year 2018, 113 Flats

ACE Mimarlık
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AVEND Beytepe

Beytepe / ANKARA

Housing Project Year 2019, 430 Flats

Gökhan Aksoy Mimarlık & AS Mimarlık

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Bilkent Nazende

Bilkent / ANKARA

Housing Project, Year 2019, 315 Flats

ACE Mimarlık

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Vadi Kontuları

Subayevleri / ANKARA

Housing Project, Yıl 2008, 100 Flats


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