Rast Grup

Our Values

Not with more technology, but by protecting our values more 

we can reach the 'tomorrow' we have been waiting for.

Family Culture

We invest in concepts and practices that will protect people and families in every area we are in.


We do not see people as a target. We establish the right communication with each other. Brands with the value of empathy establish emotional bonds with their target audiences.


Life begins twice. On the day you were born and where you find balance.

We constantly renew ourselves and desire a visionary development. We see our stakeholders as dream partners, who support us with their experience and talents, as well as raise awareness with their criticisms and suggestions. 

 With this perspective, we are ready to make cooperations, partnerships and investments in different sectors. Our only condition is that it is useful to people!

It's not just a logo

It's our philosophical point of view

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio emerging from the Fibonacci sequence is a universally valid rule. Although its components change, the golden ratio itself does not change. It is a fact that never changes for us; Our understanding of quality that provides benefits.


The human symbol of Rast, which symbolizes our perspective that puts people and their needs at the center.

Whole / Detail

The fact that the emblem consists of one piece symbolizes our holistic point of view. Thin and detailed lines that make this meaningful are our sensitive working side.


Our attitude that symbolizes the positive connotation of the word rast and the meaning of "let your business go well". It also expresses our side that strives for the flow of our business to reach a good result.