Rast Grup

There's not much to tell about us

Just human-centered.. Not as a feature, but by believing that this is what it should be.


we build long-term relationships built on trust and respect


We create the lives of the future with our human-centered ideal


As individuals, we are fully committed to the rights of our people and to all the values of our country's justice and commercial law in the eyes of society.

The Mind and Heart Relationship Must Be Right

Since 1990, as Rast Group, we have been among the leading companies in the sector by successfully implementing many prestigious projects that will add lasting values ​​to the society and contribute to the stable growth of our country, with the vision of "a better life for people and building better cities for the future". We create the lives of the future with our human-centered ideal and the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, and we lay the foundations for a better future together.

Since the day we were founded, we have undertaken projects with a total size of more than 66 million square meters. We always analyze the environment, community life and the mobility of the population, target and plan the future for both today's cities and the best livable cities of the future in the long run.

With the devoted efforts of our 1000 employees who share our multi-faceted project vision, we will enthusiastically continue to build a more livable world and fulfill our duty as a private sector partner working for the public good.

prioritize the people

an unforgettable moment

" I will never forget the first day I went out to shine shoes. I set up my chest in Ankara Botanic Park and waited. A customer came and put his foot on the crate. I was excited because he was my first client. First, I took a good look at the man. She wore orange-colored shoes and cream velvet trousers. I immediately took out my brushes and paints. While I was getting ready, I had a hard time opening one of the paints. I'm too young, I'm forcing it, I can't open the cover. I finally pushed with all my might, and suddenly the jammed lid swung open and spilled over the man's cream corduroy pants.

The paint on the man was as it was… Of course, how scared I was, I said, "Oh," the man will beat me! Then I paint for 1 lira, the man took it out and gave me 2.5 liras! “This is the money for spilled paint,” he said. He stroked my head. This attitude of a man I never knew was both very effective and guiding in the formation of my perspective on life.

He could get angry with me, insult me ​​or even beat me. For this reason, I could have been a person who was angry, angry, and much more timid, but he showed me the way with this approach by being great. This self-sacrificing behavior towards error has been an exemplary perspective that I have always nurtured from that age, even now. "